A Day In The Life Of Property Manager Is Hectic – But nee-dent Be!

My Property Partner App – Pro is taking the frantic and hectic out of property management

A day in the life of a Property Manager is more hectic than most people realize, especially when responsible for multiple property sites. There is a constant barrage of requests, issues, problems, and questions flowing in each day from the assistant managers of various properties. Oh, and don’t forget all the tenants calling and emailing with questions, complaints, maintenance requests, and otherwise distracting inquiries. On top of that, the property manager must ensure all properties are compliant with all state and local regulations, including building codes and property inspections.

            In the swelling waves of an ocean of tasks faced each day, it can be tempting to push inspections down the list of priorities. However, this would be a lot less tempting if the process could somehow be less expensive and less time-consuming. Though lots of time is spent completing inspection reports, they must be done accurately – as you know, thrifty inspections can lead to the overlook of not-so-obvious repairs and could end up costing lots of money due to unseen damage. But who has the time for all that paperwork? We have a solution to this problem. Check out My Property Partner App Pro (MPPA Pro)!

             MPPA Pro can help organize an otherwise daunting task, while saving time and creating efficiency! The app allows you to create professional-level inspection reports containing details and photos. Also, you can store the reports in the cloud right from the app for future access. With all that time MPPA Pro will save you, you can attend to some of the other tasks you have on your plate, and bring a little more order to your chaos. It is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that you can make available on the tablets of all your assistant property managers and/or maintenance staff members who conduct the move-in and move-out walk through’s and property inspections.

            With the convenient features provided by this app, you can combine the inspections to determine deposit return eligibility with the list of repairs needed to rent the property again. By combining these reports into one using this easy platform, you will save money and time on paperwork and repetitive visits to the property. If you’d like to streamline your property inspection process, save a good bit of money and time, and still produce high quality inspection reports quickly, you should check out MPPA Pro.

Cutting costs without sacrificing quality is the way to go. You can read more about the many benefits of using MPPA Pro by checking out our blog or by watching the tutorial we provide on the app’s functionality. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Check out the app today!

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