A Property Managers Dream Come True

 Property Managers all over the world benefit by using the new building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Pro?

As a property manager or a landlord with multiple properties, it can be a real challenge to keep up with who needs what, where, and when. Between the move-ins, the move-outs, the walkthroughs, the maintenance requests, and regular property inspections, trying to coordinate everything can be a full-time job alone. But of course, you also have to find time to market and advertise your available properties and screen potential tenants as well. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could help keep you organized and reduce your daily stress? My Property Partner App Pro (MPPA Pro) can do this for you!

            This affordable app can help to streamline your tasks and keep you on track, giving you back the time you need to get everything done. Its highly functional features  include the ability to document details, take images, and produce professional reports. Just imagine all the ways that MPPA Pro can make your life easier!

  • Maintenance Lists – As a responsible property owner, you know that each home or dwelling should be inspected regularly for safety purposes and to help identify potential future damage. MPPA Pro can help you document seasonal and periodic maintenance lists for each of your properties. You can record the findings from each inspection and create professional reports with your findings, or store them in the cloud. A quick click into the app allows you to review each property to determine which ones need to be inspected, for what, and when.

  • Insurance Documentation – Periodically, insurance companies require upgrades or repairs to ensure the continued safety of a property. MPPA Pro can help you document all repairs made, including images and notes, into a quick and easy report that can be submitted to your insurance company for proof of completion.
  • Marketing and Advertising – When it is time to put one of your properties on the market, MPPA Pro can help you get the job done quickly and easily. With the ability to take images and notes of each property, posting the information on rental sites can be a minimal task rather than a big headache.

There are so many more ways that MPPA Pro can work for you. Imagine all the phone calls, interruptions, and tedious tasks that this one app will keep you from wasting your valuable time on. You have better things to do! Improve your efficiency and check out the app today!

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