Be a Kickass Tenant with ZERO Regrets

Tenants all over the world benefit by using the new building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Lite?

Across our beloved nation there are tenants galore who are trapped in their current rental status quos. Unwittingly, they got into long term rental agreements on unworthy properties without going through the ‘inspect real estate’ due diligence process. Since the consequences of breaking those agreements are too stiff, financially and otherwise, most tenants choose to suck it up till the rental agreement expires.

Things really need not be that way; with MPPA Lite, you can make accurate decisions on just the right properties to rent, avoiding other undesirable ones like the plague. After all, as an unparalleled rental inspection tool, MPPA Lite offers you a comprehensive picture of practically every perceivable aspect related to the worthiness of a property.

Whether it is the insides or the outsides, the doors or the windows, the bedrooms or the bathrooms, there is simply no portion of the property which is left untouched by MPPA Lite. As a result, the house inspection report generated by this intuitive DIY inspections app is one which can be relied upon completely.

With so many advantages, you would likely presume MPPA Lite to be a very costly proposition in itself. Well, that is not the case at all! There is only a low, solitary fee to be paid and you will be privy to using MPPA Lite for eternity and beyond! Given the substantial savings you will incur in being able to inspect real estate on your own without involving any building inspector, even the low fee will be recovered (and some).

A big advantage with MPPA Lite is avoiding costly rental deposits or bonds on wrong properties. After all, the rental agreements we referred to in the beginning which many hapless tenants are stuck with, are only part of the story; along with them are large rental deposits or bonds – that too made on wrong properties! With MPPA Lite, all such deposits or bonds can (and will!) be made only on the most deserving properties, ones you will be proud to rent in the long term.

Using MPPA Lite house inspection app is really easy. No matter how much of a newbie you may be to the world of mobile apps, you will be able to navigate the interface and use the app the way it is meant to be, within no time at all. Just in case you still need assistance with using MPPA Lite and grasping all its features and functionalities, there are enough tutorial videos to help you with the process.

As far as platforms go, MPPA Lite is currently available on iOS devices like the iPhone or the iPad. An Android version is being developed currently and will be out shortly. Besides being easy to use as we mentioned, the current iOS iteration of rental inspection app MPPA Lite is light on your device memory, not taking up too much space. Yes, it sure does live up to its ‘Lite’ name!

In conclusion, MPPA Lite is indispensable when it comes to house inspection for tenants.

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