Brace Yourself for Tenant Love with DIY Inspection Reports

  You to can benefit by using the new building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Lite?

The My Property Partner App (MPPA) offers a new way for ‘Home Owners’, ‘Home Buyers’, ‘Landlords’ ‘Realtors and ‘Tenants’ alike to have detailed and comprehensive building inspector reports in the palm of their hand at all times.

Tenants today have become savvier than ever before; they know that a property without a reliable and comprehensive rental inspection report is a risky proposition. After all, many got burned when they opted for properties without such reports; eventually those properties proved to have way too many shortcomings.

Farsighted landlords like you have a critical lesson to learn from this; have dependable house inspection reports in place and then brace yourself for tenant love!

Now, now, rental inspection as undertaken by professional inspection managers such as building inspectors can of course be a very costly affair. That is where MPPA Lite proves its invaluable merit, allowing you to carry out your own rental inspection on a DIY basis.

Not only that, you do not incur huge expenses or go through a steep learning curve to use MPPA Lite. Instead, you only expend what is essentially a small, one-time fee that allows you to use MPPA Lite forever. And as far as grasping the nuances of MPPA Lite’s interface goes, it will not take you more than a couple of hours, quite likely much less! After all, there are intuitive and convenient tutorial videos available which will take you through the process of using MPPA Lite, step-by-step.

It is these compelling reasons which have rendered MPPA Lite as an indispensable tool in the hands of landlords across Australia. They know that armed with MPPA Lite, they can generate property inspection reports, whenever they want, as many times as they want.

Moreover, MPPA Lite takes away the pain of management fees which they would otherwise have to incur to have third parties inspect their properties. By taking on this vital but otherwise costly task on their own shoulders, landlords have the upper hand in showcasing their properties to prospective tenants in the best way possible, highlighting the comprehensive rental inspection reports generated with the help of MPPA Lite.

Essentially, armed with the real estate inspection reports as generated using MPPA Lite, you will be able to showcase your property to prospective tenants that much better. This in turn means that tenants would be convinced about the suitability of your property that much easier and faster.

MPPA Lite is available hassle free to download and install on your iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. An Android version is being aggressively developed and will be out shortly.

Till then, you can easily generate property inspection reports for all your properties as often as you like – and feel the property love coming in thick and fast from tenants who can’t wait to sign the dotted line on a rent agreement with you!

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