Building Inspector Software App Is The Worlds Fastest!

Multiple users benefit with building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Lite?

Does this describe you?

  • You’re interested in purchasing property inspection software
  • You understand how much time this can save you
  • You are tired of lugging around notebooks, pencils, etc. to home inspections
  • You’re still trying to decide which program is right for you

 Then you’re in the right place! Let us give you some information to help you make your decision. In the end, we believe you’ll choose My Property Partner App. Regardless, you’ll be armed with lots of great takeaway points to keep in mind as you make your purchase. Here are a few things to be sure to pay attention to while you’re comparing products:

 Image Ready – Does the inspection software give you the ability to take pictures? This is a vital part of any report and should be integrated into the program you choose. What good is a report without detailed notes and images? Confirm that this is included in your selected software. When creating MPPA Lite, this was a feature I insisted on!

 Technology – Being less than tech-savvy myself, it was important to me to develop a program that not only provides all the features needed to complete your own inspections, but to do so with an interface that is super easy to use. Your property inspection should utilize the most current technology available and work as a standalone program. It should also be available as an app interface. Using your smart phone to record details and take pictures is essential to a quick and thorough report. And speaking of smart phones, be sure your program is compatible with your device.

 Price – Everyone is familiar with the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” This holds true for a lot of the property inspection products out there. While many of them advertise a lower price, in some cases it is not a single charge, but an ongoing subscription. Some charge additional fees to have access to photo uploads, to upload the program to more than one device, or to produce more than a minimal number of reports. The price you pay for the app should be a one-time fee that allows photos, multiple devices, and unlimited reports.

 For a low one-time cost, all these features are included with My Property Partner App. While it is minimalist and easy to use, it is not simplistic. It allows you to quickly and easily produce complete, detailed reports with comments and images. MPPA Lite can be loaded on more than one device and has built-in technology to allow reports to be saved to your device or to the cloud.

 Start saving money, time, and peace of mind today. Regardless of your needs, our app is perfect for home buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, property inspectors, realtors and investors. Find out more about the multiple benefits of our app in our blogs. Be sure and check out our FAQ page or email us with any questions. We believe MPPA app is your answer!

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