Buying A Home Is Tough Emotionally Too

But now you can benefit by using the new DIY building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Lite?

Emotional Home Buyers

Buying a house is a major decision that can be very emotional for homebuyers. So, before you get swept off your feet and fall in love with that house, get excited about that fixer-upper’s money-making potential, or make the fearful mistakes of a first-time homebuyer, let me share with you something that can keep you from wishing you had a do-over.

It’s called MPPA Lite and it’s a DIY real estate inspection and property management app that’s helping emotional homebuyers think logically. Yes, you loved the house, but did you know its foundation is cracked, the roof is leaking and the plumbing’s no good? Now I ask you, do you still love that house?

No, you couldn’t see it before because you were in love and “loving eyes never see” as the saying goes, but MPPA Lite’s eyes aren’t loving. They’re the trained eyes of a seasoned inspector and they can be yours for a one-time very low fee (with unlimited number of reports and training videos included). We take your ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ off!

These eyes aren’t only cost effective but they’re thorough, they don’t miss a trick, they’ll show you where to look and have you feeling like an expert. It’s easy, the app gives you the answers, you just select the ones that best describe what you see and type them in. By the time you snap your last picture, hit generate and walk out the door the apps built-in intelligence system will have already started to produce a fully documented quality professional inspection report complete with pictures.

Homebuyers you don’t need a building inspector, just download MPPA Lite to your smartphones and get started using it to inspect real estate. Do your own rental inspection, do your own house inspection and save money. Use MPPA Lite’s inspection reports to help vet and compare properties to narrow your search.

Investors use MPPA Lite and it’s reports to learn the real deal about that house, so you can do the math on that fixer-upper (cost of house + repairs) and see if it’s really the good deal it appears to be.

Cash strapped first-timers, don’t make the rookie-mistake of letting an inspection be an expensive expense just to gain peace of mind. Do It Yourself with the MPPA Lite app and keep your money in your pocket so you can use it on better things.

For heaven’s sake don’t get your hopes built-up thinking you’ve found your dream home and pay for an expensive inspection just to get your bubble burst when you find out that it’s hiding a nightmare of money draining repairs.

MPPA Lite’s inspection reports are graded and based on a five-star condition rating system which is excellent for helping keep track of the many different details of each house you visit, and for comparing properties. Smart homebuyers using MPPA Lite make confident decisions. They don’t have to be apprehensive or worried, they make informed decisions while saving money and avoiding mistakes.

Buying a home can be a very emotional experience but it doesn’t have to end in regret.

Just get MPPA Lite. 😁Happy home hunting!

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