DIY Peace of Mind Building Inspections in the Palm of your Hand

DIY building inspections are fast becoming the norm since the introduction of this new easy to use App from My Property Partner 

DIY building inspections are fast becoming the norm throughout the real estate industry saving home buyers hundreds on inspection fees using MPPA Lite and agents are also boosting their sales and reputations while helping clients get peace of mind without the cost of an inspection.

Let me tell you how they’re doing it and how you can do it too.

If you’re a real estate agent, you know how important building inspections can be when it comes to selling real estate.

For the buyer an inspection report can provide the necessary information about the condition of a property so they can make a sound purchasing decision. It can help a buyer assess the cost of repairs and negotiate a proper purchasing price. It can also expose costly repairs and help the buyer back out of a bad deal.

For sellers a good inspection report can weed out indecisive hesitant buyers and give serious buyers the confidence to buy. A MPPA Lite inspection report can also-notify a seller of the repairs needed to bring their property to good condition and hasten its sale. The report can be a bill of good health for a sellers’ property and a way to justify their asking price.

A smart real estate agent knows that an inspection report can make or break a deal, that’s why the smart realtors are using MPPA Lite.

MPPA Lite is the Do It Yourself inspection app that’s giving realtors everywhere the ability to inspect real estate. You don’t have to be tech savvy it’s easy, just download MPPA Lite to your smartphone and begin.

The app will take you step by step through its inspection checklist telling you where to look and lending you the thorough eye of an expert building inspector. You just select the answers it provides for you as according to what you see and take pictures. By the time you finish with your walk though and hit the generate button MPPA Lite’s built- in inspection manager is already producing a fully documented professionally comparable inspection report complete with pictures, and graded based on the world’s only five star condition rating system.

MPPA Lite is compatible for use with iPhones and iPads and will be available soon for Android phones and tablets. At a one- time low fee which includes an unlimited number of inspection reports and quick and easy training videos for its already ridiculously easy to use system, you can see why MPPA Lite would be a bargain for any smart realtor to have at his or her finger tips.

With the average cost of a house inspection being between $500-$1000 dollars realtors using MPPA Lite can really save their clients big on inspections and generate a lot of business for themselves.

Thanks to MPPA Lite, realtors are marketing themselves as agents that have already done the due diligence and can offer cost free risk mitigation to their clients.

Real estate agents using the MPPA Lite app can even market themselves exclusively as foreclosure and auction specialists that can help take out the guess work and lower the gamble of buying at an auction.

MPPA Lite will help realtors earn big commissions while giving clients cost free peace of mind.

Thanks, MPPA Lite!

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