Finally ….One Building Inspection App For Everyone

 Everyone can benefit by using the new building Inspector App. My Property Partner App Lite & Pro

The My Property Partner App (MPPA) offers a new way for ‘Home Owners’, ‘Home Buyers’, ‘Landlords’ ‘Realtors and ‘Tenants’ alike to have detailed and comprehensive building inspector reports in the palm of their hand at all times.

To state the obvious…

  1. It’s simple to use the Lite app on your iPhone, or the Pro app on your tablet
  2. MPPA apps have – The worlds first ever 5 Star Condition Rating system to immediately show you how good your home really is.
  3. All the answers are already there for you to select from, with over 2800 predetermined narratives already included – simply select from the drop-down lists of multiple choice answers for every Item throughout your home.
  4. MPPA Apps are written in plain English with no industry jargon making it so easy a child can use it.
  5. MPPA Apps have – Integrated photos for every room and every Item, and any defects you find.
  6. MPPA Apps have a unique “Completeness Checker” so you don’t leave anything out.
  7. Using MPPA Apps to get an immediate result – generate, email and/or print your report as you complete the walk-through (as you walk out the front door and before you reach the street)
  8. Reuse the MPPA Apps over and over again, either update an existing report or start a new one, you can even do a report for a friend and sell them to report to make your money back.
  9. As you would expect the full professional version of MPPA offers many more features, reports and flexibility with the same intelligent simplicity built-in to a new level.
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