Here Comes the Lite

 Home buyers benefit by using the new My Property Partner App – Lite

You’ve seen her, she’s beautiful and she’s attractive, she’s the house of your dreams, but making an offer on a house and then paying for an inspection is like proposing and paying for the ring before you really even know the woman.

So, before you pay for that ring and find out that the house of your dreams is really a pretty big nightmare, let MPPA Lite help you do the due diligence and choose the one for you!

MPPA Lite is a DIY inspection and property management app that’s giving home buyers the ability to choose their house wisely. For the MPPA Lite app you pay just a one- time cost of less than $40 only (cheap ring huh?) and it includes all the inspection reports you’ll ever need and comes with quick and easy training videos.

The app is thorough, and it leaves no stone un-turned, it takes you step by step just look where it tells you to look and fill in the answers that best describe what you see with the multiple choice answers it provides. Take your pictures and your done. MPPA Lite’s trained eye will help you to look past the facade and see if that house you love is just another pretty face. Before you can get back to the car the apps built-in inspection manager will have already created a fully detailed, professional quality report. All reports are graded and based on a five-star rating system, (how’s that for a little black book?). Everyone knows the more stars the better, right?

MPPA Lite is compatible with iPhone’s and iPad’s and soon available on Androids and tablets. The app runs on a stand- alone system and doesn’t rely on internet, WiFi, or the cloud. How’s that for no strings attached?

Using MPPA Lite home buyers can do the house inspection themselves to see if a home is hiding any dirty little secrets like bad plumbing or leaky roofs and cracked foundations just to name a few.

Home buyers using MPPA Lite don’t waste time and money courting pretty houses that turn out to be ugly ducklings. They use the app to do cost effective due diligence and avoid costly mistakes.

Every home buyer may not be looking for the the house of their dreams, they may be looking for a fixer-upper. MPPA Lite can help spot the blemishes of a house that’s not perfect but has potential and use them to negotiate the price before they tie the knot.

Home buyers are using MPPA Lite and it’s reports to do their homework, vet houses and narrow down the number of potential suitors.

After having been on so many dates to see houses, home buyers can sometimes become confused and forget the many different qualities each one may have possessed.

That’s why MPPA Lite’s reports and rating system is so valuable it helps keep home buyers from forgetting the pertinent details of each house. The app allows users to compare each property in full detail and confidently select the one of their choice. Homeowners if you wanna buy happily ever after, get MPPA Lite to have and to hold.

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