Kissing Goodbye to Costly Real Estate Inspections

Both tenants and landlords benefit by using the new My Property Partner App – Lite?

An unfortunate reality of house inspections is that it can cost an absolute fortune to get it done. As a prospective tenant, the costs of rental deposits or bonds already cast a heavy burden on your shoulders and additional, expensive rental inspections to protect your deposit will only add to that toll. The same can be said for periodic inspection for the landlord.

Thankfully, there is an easy and convenient way out in the form of MPPA Lite, an app for DIY inspections easily available to you at all times on your mobile phone. With just a few clicks, you can easily go ahead and inspect real estate thoroughly, without involving a building inspector.

You only pay a small, one-time fee to acquire the rights for using this ultra-smart app, and once done, you are good to go for creating an unlimited number of property inspection reports! No wonder then that so many tenants already rely on MPPA Lite for all their house inspection needs.

Cost aside, it is also about the convenience. Even in the unlikeliest of circumstances, if you were to pay for every rental inspection you needed, imagine the sheer inconvenience it would involve in having multiple inspections undertaken, coordinating with many different building inspectors for the exercise.

MPPA Lite takes away all this inconvenience, replacing it with sheer joy and delight, especially thanks to an interface which is extremely user friendly. No matter how big a rookie you may be in the technical sphere, it will take you just moments – and not days, to familiarise yourself with the layout and functionality of MPPA Lite.

MPPA Lite features a built-in inspection manager that has a thorough checklist along which it rigorously inspects rental properties. There’s practically no aspect which is left untouched; be it interiors or exteriors and many facades within each of them, every single minute detail is critically looked into. That way, the house inspection report which is ultimately generated is completely reliable and can literally be looked at as a document etched in stone for determining a rental property’s fate.

As a savvy tenant in today’s dynamic real estate market, you simply cannot afford to make critical mistakes in choosing a wrong rental property; the penalties for doing so, as things stand at the moment, are just way too high. MPPA Lite ensures that there is practically no room at all for you to make such mistakes in the first place.

MPPA Lite is conveniently available for iPhone and iPad devices. An Android version is also on the anvil and will be out shortly.

The broad objective will always be to ensure the interests of tenants being safeguarded at all times and MPPA Lite clearly does that, in the easiest and most affordable manner possible.

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