Learn How The New My Property Partner App Helps Both Home Buyers and Sellers

Home buyers and sellers are getting an unfair advantage by using the new My Property Partner building inspection app and selling & buying faster.

Home Sellers Using My Property Partner App

This is the first time you’ve had an opportunity to use a true DIY building inspection app that substantially replicates the Pre-Purchase building inspection from the buyer’s real estate inspector, and it puts you back in control.
They say “For-armed is For-warned” so using MPPA-Lite will give you the upper hand and help you identify any defects that could have become a deal breaker if you hadn’t already found it.
Having a report before you sell immediately gives you choices:

  • you can elect to make the repairs to ensure you home is in tip top condition before going to market, and update your report when the repairs are complete,
  • or you can provide interested buyers with your report and quotes you have already sourced from reputable contractors and you can adjust your sale price
    accordingly and avoid those uncomfortable re-negotiations based on unrealistic repair quotes from the buyers building inspector.

In most cases providing a property inspection report to prospective buyers with full disclosure up front will often give a buyer confidence to eliminate their building inspection so you can proceed to settlement more efficiently.

Home Buyers Using My Property Partner App

As a home buyer, you can use this new Building Inspector App to do your initial inspections of potential properties you’re looking to buy. The advantages of using MPPA Lite are:

  1. Using this app will help you remove the rose coloured glasses effect and focus your attention on what really matters. You will record visible defects that need repair and any structural issues that you will need a professional opinion on. This app makes it very easy to quantify all the problems.
  2. This building inspector app. will guide you through any home ‘area by area’, ‘room by room’ and ‘Item by Item’ in any order or direction you choose to walk through the property. (So it doesn’t matter where you start or finish your inspection) This makes it perfect for use at open homes when everyone else is visiting the property too.
  3. Because the app delivers immediate results you can quickly, easily and more importantly, accurately compare between the houses under consideration and confirm how each one rates so you can make an informed choice before making any offer to purchase.
  4. MPPA Lite helps you make your decision using your head not just your heart, using facts, not emotions to make a wise informed choice when buying real estate.

Visit www.mypropertypartner.net to see first hand how easy the app is to use.

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