Out of sight out of mind

Home owners benefit by using the new building Inspector App. 

Homeowners get the MPPA Lite app before “Out-of-sight-out- of- mind means, you’re out of money”.

You can’t fix what you can’t see, and you can’t see it if you don’t know where to look, that’s why many problems can go unnoticed until they result in costly repairs.

Professional inspectors know where to look, but inspectors aren’t cheap. With the average cost of an inspection being anywhere from $500-$1000 dollars you can see why many homeowners are avoiding having them done but this can be a big mistake because inspections can help you monitor the condition of your property and alert you to any repairs that may be needed.

Inspections can actually save you money by helping to keep small problems from becoming big ones. Don’t wait for problems to become worse and cost you more, if you’re a homeowner who’s serious about maintaining your home but would like to avoid the high cost of inspections just download MPPA Lite to your smartphone for a one-time low fee and do-it-yourself.

MPPA Lite is easy to use but thorough, just follow its lead and it’ll guide you through the whole process step-by-step telling you where to look and giving you the answers to select for what best describes all that you see. By the time you’ve taken your pictures and finished with your walk through MPPA Lite’s built-it inspection manager will have already produced a professional quality inspection report complete with photos and graded based on a five-star rating system.

Yes, with MPPA Lite you can do the inspections yourself. Because MPPA Lite makes inspections so cheap and inexpensive you can use it to be proactive and monitor the status of your property year-round and stay ahead of big fixes and costly repairs.

You can use it to do rental inspections and record the move-in as well as the move-out condition of your property as well as update the report with regular periodic inspections. This keeps down the bickering between you and your tenants about who’s at fault should any damages occur.

Each season comes with its own unique set of problems and challenges. Use MPPA Lite to do seasonal inspections to monitor the year-round condition of your property and to help you prepare for what’s ahead while you recover from what’s already happened.

You can use MPPA Lite to prioritize repairs and protect your budget as you maintain the health, safety and habitability of your property. Use MPPA Lite to do preventative maintenance and create checklists to help prevent costly break-downs of major assets such as the roof, cladding, and plumbing.

Use MPPA Lite to manage your property and keep track of all repairs and do it on the go from the convenience of your phone. No WIFI? No problem! MPPA Lite is a stand-alone application that doesn’t require WiFi, internet connection or the cloud to operate, so you’ll never have to worry about needing a signal. Can you hear me now?

Get the My Property Partner App MPPA Lite app today!

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