Smart Real Estate Agents Are On To It Already

Many of the best real estate agents around the world are already benefiting from using the worlds fastest building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Lite?

Don’t be left behind, with many of the worlds best real estate agents now using the My Property Partner App What if I told you that for less than $40 I knew of an app that could help you gain or further your reputation as a smart and knowledgeable agent who saves clients time and money?

What if I told you I knew of an app that could give you keen insight and allow you to help buyers and sellers make more informed decisions and close deals faster? and it’s less that $40. Would you be interested?

If you are I have just the app for you, it’s called MPPA Lite! It’s a DIY real estate inspection and property management app for anyone involved in real estate and it’s especially great for real estate agents. And the added convenience being on your phone.

If you’ve ever had a potential deal that was contingent on the inspection of a property fall apart due to a negative report, you know how disappointing and costly that can be. Real estate agents using the MPPA Lite app don’t get surprised. Let me tell you why! The app gives you, the real estate agent the ability to inspect real estate. With MPPA Lite anyone can do the house inspection.

 Its easy, it’s like having a professional building inspector lend you their expertise and walk you through everything. The app will take you step by step and prompt you as to what to look for and give you all the answers to choose from, while allowing you to take pictures of it all. The app also comes with quick and easy training videos should you need them.

By the time your finished with the walk through, MPPA Lite’s built- in inspection manager will have already produced a professionally comparable, fully comprehensive inspection report complete with photos, and graded based on a five- star rating system. Not only can this information keep you aware of potential deal breakers, but you can use it to help advise clients as to the right moves to make.

If you are the seller’s agent, you’ll be able to advise your client to make certain repairs that could possibly speed up the selling of their property and avert trouble using the information from the MPPA Lite report.

How about using this info as the buyer’s agent to advise a client as to what the potential problems with a property are, and how they might be used to negotiate a better price?

Imagine using MPPA Lite and having the “inside” information on a property that’s up for auction and advising your client that’s bidding on it as to what a reasonable offer might be.  Hint, a lot of auctions won’t allow for a professional house inspection before the auction, but they don’t know you’re the expert and you just did one on your phone, shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone just use MPPA Lite and go to work.

There are advantages of being the smart real estate agent who’s a DIY real estate inspection expert, thanks MPPA Lite! For a small one-time fee (this includes an unlimited amount of reports), it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is a bargain.

Smart real estate agents make smart decisions that save clients time and money while making plenty for themselves. Helping you sell homes faster and easier. Get smart, get MPPA Lite!

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