Tenants Should Look Before You Rent

You can save by using My Property Partner App – Lite?

Look Before you Rent

You’ve just zeroed in on the one-in-a-million house you’ve always dreamed of renting and can’t wait to move in and start your life afresh from this new location but wait…is the house really that awe-inspiring as you thought it to be? Did you notice the cracks in the foundation (tiny as they were) or the fact that the plumbing was just no good (how could you?)?

Often, we find our judgment clouded by a myriad array of factors; and in a hurry to go through with a life-changing decision; we ignore the devil that (always!) lies in the details.

Well, with MPPA Lite, that need not be the case, EVER! A unique DIY real estate rental inspection manager, it easily and quickly presents all the FACTS of the property in front of you so that you make a well-informed selection of the best possible home to rent.

Tenants galore have already saved millions in rental deposits or bonds, all thanks to MPPA Lite. After all, this intuitive house inspection app allowed prospective renters to thoroughly inspect real estate before they made any definitive rental decision. Shortcomings in shortlisted properties were duly identified by MPPA Lite, forewarning tenants against going ahead with their rental choice.

This value-add is priceless when we consider the fact that many property deficiencies are not always obvious – or even visible. The plumbing instance we cited in the beginning is an excellent example; with piping ensconced within walls, paucities are not visible to the naked eye – especially untrained ones!

Do you need to be a tech wiz to use MPPA Lite? Hell no! Even kids get used to the interface within no time at all, so you will really find it easy to navigate and use MPPA Lite. With just a few clicks and uploading a small number of pictures, MPPA Lite will present a comprehensive rental inspection report in front of you which will help you decide whether to go ahead with the rental property in question or not.

Does it cost a fortune to use MPPA Lite? Absolutely not! A low one-time fee is all it takes to use this building inspector app; with that paid, you can go ahead and use MPPA Lite for rental inspection to your heart’s content.

It is well-known that building inspectors can end up costing an arm and a leg. With MPPA Lite, you save on all that money, without compromising on the quality of your rental inspection. Further, as we already highlighted, rental deposits or bonds placed on wrong, undeserving properties prove to be VERY costly mistakes. With MPPA Lite, you are forearmed and forewarned against taking such regrettable, expensive actions.

MPPA Lite is available for both iPhone and iPad devices. An Android version will also be rolled out very shortly.

The key is peace of mind for you as a tenant – which is a given with MPPA Lite!

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