The New Rising Star,

My Property Partner App

The new My Property Partner App to inspect real estate appears to be a rising star in the real estate industry across the world.

With two versions available, the Lite version is designed for the home owner and home buyer and is also well suited for tenants and landlords alike.

The dramatic uptake of this app from all sectors has highlighted the need for this innovative DIY building inspector app. It’s stand alone built in intelligence and remarkably easy to use and intuitive functionality makes it a standout tool for all serious home buyers in the market right now.

Rising app sales have also been reported for tenants using the app to record and report changes in the home to the property management team in real time as this app generates a reports to email within seconds.

Not surprising to the app developer, home owners are now downloading this app in great numbers to record the condition of their home to identify and prioritize maintenance repairs. The final report also includes a 5 Star Condition Rating which I found fantastic to give me a better understanding of how my home compares.

Another sector showing a dramatic increase in sales appears to be the home seller using the final report as a valuable selling tool as part of their full disclosure documents. Realtors in every region are also encouraging vendors to provide this report saying it is invaluable when showing the home to prospective buyers to have a current inspection report available, particularly with the 5 Star Condition Rating to help give immediate confirmation how good the home is.

You can see this amazing new tool in action at and as you would expect there is a complete stand alone professional version available for the inspection manager, the building inspector and asset managers.

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