Timber Pest Inspectors are Swarming To Get MPPA-Pro

Timber Pest Inspectors also benefit by using the new My Property Partner App – Pro

MPPA Pro is the real estate inspection and property management app that’s made it easy for Timber Pest Inspectors to “bug-out “quick.

Equipped with the fastest software in the world and the most innovative technology in the industry, MPPA Pro has totally automated the whole real estate inspection and property timber pest inspection process to save you time, improve your efficiency and help you become more productive with some of these great features:

  • Photo integration
  • One-touch selection
  • Automatic report generation
  • Answers included in software

MPPA Pros’ automation lends its users its well-trained eyes telling them where to look to spot termite colonies, dry wood, poor ventilation, water leaks, decay and fungi. Take photos and answer the apps questions with the best answer, from the apps answers included in the software.

MPPA Pro is thorough, it’s prying eyes and know-how will help you look for signs of white ants, termites, borers and wood decay as well as flaws in a property that might be conducive to timber pests.

The apps in-built inspection manager will compile the data and produce an on-site, fully comprehensive, professional (wood borer, or timber pest) report with one touch of a button.

All reports are stored on your device until you choose to export them by email or print a hard copy.

MPPA Pro is able to work off-line and doesn’t require an internet, cloud or WiFi connection, it’s totally compatible with iPhone, ipad, and any iOS device, and will be available soon for Android phones and tablets.

MPPA Pro was made for Building Inspectors, Property Inspectors, Property Managers, Facility Managers, and Timber Pest Inspectors, to handle the full spectrum of inspections and property management duties.

Property management is made easy with MPPA Pros’ proactive approach to preventative maintenance.

Use MPPA Pro to develop and implement maintenance strategies to manage property efficiently.

MPPA Pros’ checklist helps users to stay aware of property condition year-round, monitor the fitness of assets and identity any needed repairs.

The app prompts checks on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire and other safety equipment.

MPPA Pro accurately records, manages, and stores job details.

Improve your company’s image and increase your exposure to clients, add your own branding to reports and documents, MPPA Pro is totally customizable. It can also be edited to comply with any bylaws for any jurisdiction.

Purchase MPPA Pro today for an affordable one-time only price that includes an unlimited amount of reports!

Get bit by the MPPA Pro bug, and bug-out quick with the fastest walk- through and report time in the industry!

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