You Can Now Be An Inspector Too

Now home owners, tenants and landlords can benefit by using the new building Inspector App. My Property Partner App – Lite?

Tenants, Homeowners & Landlords are Inspectors Too!

Find out why everyone is shouting about the new My Property Partner App. Designed by professional inspectors for everyone to use easily and save thousands over a year of inspections. It might seem counter productive but the truth is good property inspectors are too busy and struggle to keep up. And to be honest most don’t take as much care when inspecting your home as you will

As homeowners you wear many hats, landlord, maintenance repair person, property manager and probably accountant too, right? You do these things to save money because you know that the more independent you are the more money you can save.

Well I have another title for you, thanks to MPPA Lite you can now add expert real estate inspector who’s very good at property management to your resume.

Congratulations on all the money you’ll save not having to pay $500-$1000 every time you need an inspection.

Isn’t it about time someone came up with a way for homeowners, tenants and landlords to inspect their own real estate property?

No kidding, for a one-time only low cost the MPPA Lite app makes you the expert able to do the house inspections and the rental inspections. Abracadabra! You’re now the building inspector with the trained eye able to spot things only an experienced professional inspector can. The app is ridiculously easy but make no mistake about it, MPPA Lite is thorough, it doesn’t miss a trick.

The app walks you through the whole process step by step and gives you the answers. You just select the one that best describes what you see, take a couple of pictures and just like that, by the time you’ve finished with your walk through, you’ll have a fully detailed, professional quality inspection report, courtesy of MPPA Lite’s built-in inspection intelligence.

One of the major advantages of being a homeowner and having the MPPA Lite app is being able to monitor the condition of your property year-round and being able to stay aware of its needs and challenges.

Because homeowners using MPPA Lite no longer have to pay for inspections they see the value in doing seasonal inspections and use the reports to prioritize whatever repairs might be needed.

Since none of us have unlimited resources the MPPA Lite app helps homeowners take a pro-active approach with preventative features such as maintenance checklists that include checks on major assets like the roof, foundations, cladding, windows and plumbing etc. These checks help to save money and ward off unexpected break downs and emergency repairs that can ruin an already tight budget.

MPPA Lite lets homeowners stay organized and keep track of all services and repairs and do it all on the go from their phone. No more paper and pens, no more making notes, saving receipts with categories and filing repair records away in boxes. MPPA Lite makes the record, keeps the notes and files it away automatically. All in the convenience of the palm of your hand

MPPA Lite is the do-it-all app made for the do- it- all homeowner.

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